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Light steel frame has won the favor of many people

How is light steel villa house ? What are the advantages
of light steel frame? This is one of the issues that customers are most
concerned about, so I'm here to answer them today.

All the main structural materials of Light Steel Villa House are
prefabricated through computer precise calculation. the biggest characteristics
of this type of house are safety, comfort and fast construction speed. Because
his load-bearing structure is light steel structure and its shape is especially
beautiful, this new type of house is called light steel frame.

Compared with traditional houses, it has its outstanding

1. Prefabricated components have high mechanization degree,
strong controllability to house quality, fast construction speed, no humidity,
no noise and civilized construction.

2. Environmental protection. Up to 90% of all raw materials can
be recycled to avoid waste of resources and soil erosion.

3. The self-weight is light, and the anti-seismic performance is
superior. As the earthquake moves left and right and up and down, the light
steel structure connected together by screws forms a safe and stable box, and
the collapse of the wall or the falling of the floor slab due to the shaking of
the earthquake will not endanger personal safety.

There are many styles of design in light steel frame, such as
English, American, Mediterranean, Nordic style, retro quadrangle,

Secondly, he lives very comfortably. light steel frame is
designed according to different regions. For example, in the cold areas in the
north, the emphasis is on heat preservation, while in the hot and humid areas in
the south, the emphasis is on heat insulation and moisture

The condition for realizing these performances is to produce a
large number of high-quality building materials, doors and windows and other
supporting equipment. Due to the progress of production technology, these
products have become very mature and can meet the needs of our construction of
light steel frame. So we have a light steel frame with warm winter and
refreshing summer.

As a new type of building structure, light steel frame quickly
won the favor of many people with its huge advantages, so if you also want to
build villas in the countryside, you might as well consider this kind of light
steel frame.

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