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Activating the Vitality and New Functions of Storage

Prefab Warehouses is a new type of storage
facility. Its innovative structure and lightweight material design have changed
the traditional storage building process, making storage construction efficient
and convenient.

Assembled Warehouse Promotes Industrial Structure Adjustment and
Activates Storage Industry Vitality

The storage industry has experienced rapid development in the
past ten years, and the storage facilities have been upgraded qualitatively.
However, there is still a contradiction between supply and demand in terms of
structure and regional distribution. The phenomenon that high vacancy rate and
high rent coexist, rapid warehouse building and storage efficiency decrease, and
door closing and switching coexist has emerged. Faced with such difficulties,
the storage industry urgently needs to adjust its industrial structure. First of
all, the new type of storage facilities effectively fills the structural
singleness and imbalance of the original storage resources and promotes the
complementary advantages and business cooperation of various storage resources.
Secondly, as a new type of storage facility, the assembled warehouse will
rebuild an optimal storage network combination with backbone, urban distribution
network as the main work and flexible storage network as the cooperative
development, so as to deal with the uncertainty brought by market adjustment and
logistics demand to the greatest extent. Assembled warehouses will effectively
promote industrial restructuring, improve industrial efficiency and activate
industrial vitality.

Assembled Warehouse Promotes Mode Innovation and Activates New
Kinetic Energy of Storage Enterprises

According to the characteristics of the storage industry,
prefabricated warehouses have been continuously innovated and applied in the
hands of various warehouse owners, thus forming new competitiveness of storage
enterprises. In many industries, there are light and busy seasons for
production, and storage space is vacant in the off season but insufficient in
the busy season. In peak season, only renting warehouse or piling in the open
air can be selected, resulting in uneven investment, increased management
difficulty and sharp increase in hidden costs. The emergence of " flexible"
prefabricated warehouses has effectively utilized the enterprise's own vacant
land and the surrounding temporary land to rapidly build prefabricated
warehouses, meeting the surge demand of storage space and improving the
operation efficiency of the enterprise. Similarly, large-scale national
logistics enterprises need to lay out storage resources at multiple points under
the strategic requirements of the enterprises. However, traditional storage
investment and market uncertainty restrict the decision-making of the
enterprises. The flexibility and convenience of fabricated storage provide
enterprises with a flexible storage network that can be expanded and contracted,
can be expanded or contracted, can be reduced, can eliminate market risks
brought by uncertainty, reduce investment and create a brand-new enterprise
storage operation mode. New facilities and new models have effectively activated
the new momentum of the development of storage enterprises.

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