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What do you want to know about container houses?

There have been many cases of container reconstruction buildings
and container design houses. The style, practicability, convenience, durability
and environmental protection of expandable container houses are not described too
much here.

At present, many customers have doubts and misunderstandings in
several aspects. The main manifestations are as follows:

1. Under normal circumstances, as long as there is legal land,
legal business projects or own land, the government will not impose too many
restrictions on the declaration because of policy issues.

2. For many people, the problems of heat, sound insulation and
heat preservation in East Leng Xia will all be caused by the problems left over
due to the lack of understanding or the simple renovation in the early stage.
For now, these problems have been completely solved because technologies and new
materials are relatively mature.

3. Correspondingly, because the design is basically very
personalized, there will be no fixed calculation formula on the price issue, so
it is difficult to give direct quotation first, and secondly, because to a
certain extent this type of house belongs to the construction type, then the
whole type of work involved and materials will be available. Therefore, its
complexity and complexity exist. Because of this, the overall price will not be

4. Because the materials used and the structural design are
long-term considerations, the service life of the container is not comparable to
that of the traditional 10,000 or so containers on the market. To sum up,
containers in a certain market, a certain customer demand will certainly be able
to meet this part of the demand. My company has been working hard for this
cause, with scientific construction management, efficient production and
construction, comprehensive service to do integrated tracking service for
customers who need this aspect.

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