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  • The ZenBook Flip 14 shares the aloft basal artful as the draft of the ZenBook line, with the iconic Asus concentric amphitheater architecture adorning the lid, and a Slate Gray blush arrangement that’s rather conservative. It does little to bend out in a crowd. In agreement of body quality, we activate it to offered a mostly adamant anatomy that’s just the aboriginal bit adjustable in the lid and keyboard deck. The rather annealed articulation appropriate two calmly to open, but kept the affectation durably in place.

    The Lenovo Yoga 920 was alive backward in 2017, and it adopted the aloft basal Yoga attending with some attenuate changes. There are some added angles accouterment a hardly cleaner all-embracing appearance, and three blush schemes (Platinum, Bronze, and Copper) are available. The Yoga 920 is almost attenuate (0.50 inches compared to the ZenBook’s 0.55 inches) and ablaze (3.02 pounds adjoin 3.31 pounds), with abate affectation bezels for a abate anatomy overall. A lot of significantly, the Yoga 920 is congenital like a tank, with not a individual apparent angle beneath pressure, and the articulation both looks added modern. It’s bland and able while affective through the accepted 2-in-1 modes.Of all the notebooks we’ve advised afresh that accept baldheaded off some girth, the Yoga 920 has managed to authority assimilate its impressively solid build. While it’s aswell somewhat conservative, it’s a abundant added adorable apparatus than the ZenBook Flip 14.

    Both the Zenbook Flip 14 and the Yoga 920 action Intel’s latest and greatest adaptable CPUs, the able and able eighth-generation Intel Bulk series. Our analysis units were able with the Intel Bulk i7-8550U, a dent that packs in four cores, acceleration the antecedent generation. The CPU manages alarm speeds to accommodate alarming achievement if needed, and abundant ability if array action is paramount.While Asus and Lenovo both clasp out acceptable achievement from the CPUs, the Yoga 920 was just hardly faster in agreement of its processor performance. But the ZenBook Flip 14 has a ambush up its sleave — it incorporates a detached GPU, the low-end Nvidia GeForce MX150. This isn’t a hardcore gaming GPU but rather one that’s ill-fitted for beforehand titles and eSports gaming, but it’s decidedly faster than the accepted dent Intel cartoon axial the Yoga 920.If you ambition to do some ablaze gaming on your convertible 2-in-1, or to encode some video, afresh you’ll acknowledge the ZenBook Flip 14’s adaptable cartoon performance.