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  • As revealed in the video, the fast way to make money rs insect compels all weapons from the inventory to auto-fire when switched to, which he demonstrates by switching out of his shotgun into his pickaxe into his SMG, all of which begin shooting until he finally causes it to stop.It appears that the only way to prevent this glitch would be to press the shoot button when the auto firing begins. Even though this might work to prevent automatic weapons like SMGs from continuing to fire, it will do nothing to stop single fire weapons like shotguns or launchers from firing off their single shooter.


    This then obviously presents a problem on multiple degrees for control players, as it makes them waste unnecessary ammo, give their position away, and potentially inflict harm to their own health and builds if changing to a launcher type weapon. The Fortnite Community Trello page currently lists an issue very similar to this one, titled"auto shooting when using a gamepad." However, the description suggests that a player must switch to trap first then a weapon to cause the auto firing, which is certainly not the case in the movie above.


    If this is a completely different problem, then it has not yet been officially recognized by Epic Games, which could spell bad news for players as it isn't yet being investigated and a fix isn't being developed.Ninja Delivers a Clue on his future in Aggressive FortniteNinja has focused on playing Fortnite softly with only occasional appearances in competitive tournaments, a strategy that has seen him become the number one Twitch streamer by a mile.But fans may soon see their favourite streamer in aggressive events more often.


    While responding to a fan who said that he  buy RuneScape gold  loved watching the streamer in aggressive Fortnite, Ninja stated,"anticipate more of this in the future."Competitive Fortnite can be at odds with the lovers of streamers, because there will usually be audience interaction through an extreme exercise. Some competitive players do not even stream their practices in any way, for fear of giving away strategies.