Maplestory M is slowly becoming less pay2win

  • There are many people saying this current damage system and this unlimit power from financing create unbalance and it's unfair. I say unbalance here but it is not totally true. It looks more like buy Maple M Mesos busted mainly due to this possible system that may give you so much power once hitting cap damage, certain classes are the top at cap level.

    But at same time, before first people hit the cap, course balance seemed ok but today with the time, or even before now, folks produce their class choices according to many criterias.

    Mainly number of strikes per minute, the problem to control them, advantages which other courses do not have, etc.. But a huge part of this community decides to select numbers of hits per seconds or classes being at top of DPS graph (NW as example, NL can be good but much less ) and more.

    Even if it's only a small minority and they post their movies of boss soloing, it attracts jelly to a people, particularly people who are too hooked on damage. So much that a vast majority of gamers, I mainly speak about typical funded players above, completely forget the RPG aspect of the game.

    These facts induce people to think the match is pay2win without recognizing that they could party with other players. But We have to agree it requires a minimal damage, which can be fine due to achievments you've done so far. But maybe the minimum damage requiered is high so merely funded can fulfill requierment but there was a really small minority they eventually solo.

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