A flood light is a large

  • A flood light is a large, powerful fixture that has a wide beam spread. It is a high-intensity artificial light that is used to illuminate a large area. Most often used outside, floodlights are found illuminating outdoor playing fields and sports events. Floodlights can also be used indoors for lighting stages to create an artificial daytime setting. When choosing a floodlight, significant features to look for are precise aiming, rugged exterior, and long life. Eaton has a large variety of floodlights available. Fixture types include in-ground, wall-mounted, ground-mounted and post top lighting solutions. One of the most versatile floodlighting options for sale is the Crosstour LED Floodlight Kit. This product is suitable for wall or ground mount applications. The Crosstour LED Floodlight combines a low profile, rugged construction with the power of high efficacy LED lights. Eaton’s NFFLD Night Falcon luminaire is an innovative floodlighting solution. It has a separate driver compartment for maximum heat dissipation resulting in a longer lasting fixture and LED life.