Best Teams To Use In Madden 19: Chiefs, Falcons Among The Best

  • The offense-defense combination with the Vikings might be the top in Madden 19. There are Pro Bowl players littered during the entire defense, and cornerback Xavier Rhodes is one of the toughest players to accomplish a pass on from the game—as well as the pass rush with Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffin doesn’t make things easy on Madden Overdrive Coins low-rated offensive tackles. In Madden, Kirk Cousins isn’t a tremendous upgrade about the quarterback situation Minnesota had a year ago, but there are lots of weapons at running back and receiver.

    Cam Newton has yet to grace the quilt of Madden, but he remains a force inside the series every year being a guy that will do serious damage multiple ways. Madden 19 makes scrambling towards the sidelines and throwing within the run—unrealistically—much easier, so Newton are able to use his 97 throw power and 86 throw for the Madden NFL Overdrive Coins run for home-run plays.

    The backfield tandem of Christian McCaffrey and C.J. Anderson can both be about the field for the same time, as well as the defense led by Luke Kuechly can force turnovers with all the best of them.