EA’s ‘Madden 19’ Beta Is Just A Marketing Tool And Is Not A Goo

  • If EA was confident Madden 19 was going being a good game, they will probably made the beta accessible to all. At the least, they could have allowed people that do develop the beta to be able to talk about the Madden Overdrive Coins sport by sending friends videos, speaking about it on social websites, discussing on Reddit, or any on the other ways people discuss things today. The fact that they may be not makes me uneasy as being a consumer.

    Giving away a limited amount of beta codes causes it to become so a lot of people that don’t obtain the codes want the overall game even more. Limited supply with the beta can provide higher demand to the actual game if it’s accessible to purchase in August. It’s an attractive simple marketing device EA familiar with easily find more interest within their game.

    I think the Dolphins needs to be ranked pretty low of Madden NFL Overdrive Coins their mini-rebuild under Adam Gase, but I think they’ll be described as a fun team to use using a good running back rotation along with a solid list of receivers.Todd Bowles’ squad will compete in actual, but there definitely will be stronger options than them in Madden 19.