What can be your favorite Madden NFL memory 2

  • For 21 years the Madden NFL franchise is embraced by its fans, honored by critics, and endured the exam of Madden NFL Overdrive Coins time like not one other sports video gaming in history.

    Today, EA SPORTS™ is proud to announce the establishment with the Madden NFL Hall of Fame – a program built to celebrate and honor people, features, playbooks, fans, and in some cases glitches, that contain all contributed to making Madden NFL one on the most popular video gaming franchises of them all.

     The inaugural class from the Madden NFL Hall of Madden Overdrive Coins Fame will likely be enshrined in February 2010 at Madden Bowl XVI. Beginning today, all fans on the franchise come with an opportunity to help shape the Madden NFL Hall of Fame program, including a possible seat about the official Selection Committee.