When did gambling not become about The Elder Scrolls Blades

  • To all the people that believe it looks good but haven't played with it yet. It's good until you get which you could just begin when your town is level 3 leaving one to construct shit to level it up. Played with ESO Blades Gold the exact same generic missions for like two hours until I got enough aluminum from wooden chests to construct the alchemy place and I need to grind since it got me like two thirds of the way to degree 3. And of course your entire chest inventory becomes filled with silver chests you can not pick up any chests and nope you sell or can't destroy them. What I do is have 1 wooden chest, that way once I find one that I pick up the new one and can open it up. Overall is getting really fucking boring playing The Elder Scrolls Blades.

    The combat is a snooze fest. While narrative hasn't been their strong suit. I do not even know whether there is a real story here. Interacting with items and moving around is tedious. Now they're trying to suck as much cash out of people with their stupid gem bullshit (I guess that they did in-app purchases with that Fallout match ); you are a major company - just launch a game that's one time pay.Everything about The Elder Scrolls Blades lacks innovation and attention. They're simply pumping out bullshit because they know it will be put up with by their faithful fans and pay them money to open these chests rapidly or buy those god damn'special offers'.

    When did gambling not become about The Elder Scrolls Blades - however about how many trades it is possible to whittle out of somebody? I can't stand what this firm has become. I am grateful for their work and I shall remember Morrowind fondly for the rest of my life along side greats such as FFVII, A Link To buy TESO Blades Gold The Past, Dragon Warrior - and classic RPG games that pushed at the boundaries. But they're a shell of their former self at this point.