How will graphics effect WoW Classic?

  • The whole sharding problem is difficult cause being in a classic wow gold crowd can get people talking to eachother from sheer boredom but a lot of folks would like to play a game and would likely quit and may never give it another shot. Be good to find the gold farmers and speedy amount for cash sites return, I am shocked nobodies even mentioned them much and how they may just drive blizzard to microtransaction WoW Classic in the long term. Seems far more reasonable then failing and trying to meet everyone clamoring for'No Changes' and wishing it had been. I'd like to be 15 years.

    Could not be form the reality. How will graphics effect WoW Classic? How would the mail system impact WoW Classic? Of course I'm asking how it would effect WoW Classic in a negative manner? The answer is, it would not. Some of the best parts about vanilla was learning WoW Classic, something we wouldn't need to do with a copy and paste kind of match. There would be no body making any sort of a tank other. At tanking Since we know how druids and paladins were. If you think the previous version of WoW Classic prior to TBC was perfectly fine and balanced, than you don't have any idea what you're referring to and didn't play it.Most of the remarks made by this dude are about departing classic exactly the exact same as it had been 15 years ago, including all of the annoying feature that created WoW Classic extremely bothersome and honestly really hard to playwith. Vast majority of people that will play with classic are grown up now, they have tasks and responsibilties, few hours to perform with. Everything that may help them enjoy WoW Classic a little more is welcome. Honestly I would really like to find a LFG attribute to help people in their journey to get their pre raid bis gear.

    I'm pleased to have the old pre-cata entire world back. I am happy to relive all of the content which came out when I was 12 and couldn't play end-game articles. The component of Vanilla WoW Classic that I believe most people want to encounter is your lore, story, and dungeons. As a game designer I don't see something being EXACTLY LIKE IT WAS 15 YEARS AGO. It's impossible, and it is a poor idea. Some changes were great for WoW Classic, and whining about quality of match gaps between WoW Classic and Vanilla WoW Classic isn't gonna change it. #nochanges is just whiny and stupid imo. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.I do not intend to play WoW Classic over the retail version, but guy you complain about optional graphics features? Seriously? I know that some people don't have self discipline (me included - which why I despise I hate playing games that allow cheating with console command) so in case you'll feel you need to turn those innovative graphics features on, but trust me you do gold in wow classic not. Also, just because you don't enjoy it, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be there.