thus don't count on fortnite materials the 14th

  • Epic has been proven to increase seasons by weeks or days as necessary, and thus don't count on fortnite materials the 14th as a sure thing.All signals point to a wet new areas.With spring, I would bet we see a deep thaw run through the icy regions of the map. Greasy Grove is submerged in a lake, and you can see the buildings, chests, and weapons only. Perhaps we are going to be swimming soon.

    A quick look at the Season 7 combat pass hints in a wet spring, also. A snowman spray melts in misery, an octopus icon becomes accessible at routine 84, a blazing sun at 62, and formerly scuba-diver skins could be the most early hints at an underwater atmosphere. More blatantly, this fish epidermis is the most hint in the underwater theming.

    Fortnite's snowy surroundings was plotted for weeks through skins and combat pass rewards, therefore it's not a long shot to think Epic might be doing the same for an underwater area.Hard to state at this moment. Expect a mix of those that fit in aquatic creatures and people, as well as the spring some that provoke. Skins also often hint both and past. It's too early to guess what those might be. I hope we get more idiot fish skins.

    If, and only if, my underwater predictions are true, I would expect to buy Fortnite Items see vehicles that make use of the possible new biome. Season 8 brought much more verticality to Fortnite, an ideal fit for driftboards and airplanes. Anticipate much more land and sea vehicles, jet skis, and submarines to arrive in Season 8. All of this hinges water being An Item, but I would be surprised if all of the hints were for nothing. We'll have the ability to ride dragons. Let me explain.