Thanks for ESO Blades Gold making this movie!

  • Thanks for ESO Blades Gold making this movie! I had been registered since day 1, took.two days to get into early accessibility, and like you, and MANY I am pretty pissed off in the p2w facet. At least a few games have time counts. Ie Legendary chests have a wait time, epics have a wait period, etc. It is not true here. Bethesda has been fkin knock me off( and exactly what I mean, if some are confused, I mean every tier may have chests unlocking at the exact same time) so it does not need to be waiting 24 hours for a big chest when you have other bigger tier chests. Each shade rated chests have their own individual countdowns.

    Funny how you are saying cheating is not immoral. The Elder Scrolls Blades implemented the attribute so it's not really cheating, if anything it is paid"progression". Additionally both, paying to have a competitive advantage in pvp and progression in single player matches, is immoral particularly in single player matches. Have you been cheating yourself out of waiting 10 hours to get a chest to open that should open after interacting with it like any other The Elder Scrolls Blades game. "win" means there is competition. That means men and women. And that is just semantics. It's single-player so other people"paying to acquire" doesn't influence your game experience in any way.

    Can you just say Skyrim and Oblivion are trash? Your argument is really a joke. , sold DLC not worth it, or have employed unjust buisness practice in anything aside from your perceived notion of buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Items mobile gambling, which is really very fair considering it is absolutely free to play. They've been producing great games since the very first Wolfenstien, so there are many, more than any other independent gaming enthusiast I'm pretty sure actually.