It's not about northdale gold wow understanding everything

  • It's not about northdale gold wow understanding everything. It's about understanding general game/boss mechanics. I'd be willing to bet that MC is eliminated within the first week of players that are enough hitting at 60. I am not saying that anything in any way needs changed. For the love of god leave classic the way it was. I'm saying that for gamers like me, who played vanilla but were not good in WoW Classic back to do much of anything it is actually going to suck. Specifically and people players by character are elitist. You could be able to find a few people ready to help noobs but lets be real. Vintage, though not released will be a replica of an old game and lots of half serious raiding guilds will expect that everybody understands whats happening. It thins the swimming pool for those people that do not. In case Blizzard did change things up a little (and I legitimately hope they don't) it would put everyone on a level playing field.

    A note about the armour debuffs, I performed a rogue in vanilla half way through naxx40, and can confirm that sunder armour and expose armour did NOT pile, expose armour straight up overwrote sunder, and has been consequently NEVER used, unless you had been doing 5 mans and needed a druid tank, or you had been PvPing, expose armour to a 5p chilly blood eviscerate was a tasty stuff.If you played on an actual vanilla server that is not Northdale which is a horrible server since overpopulation makes the neighborhood NOTHING like what WoW Classic was back then you would know the Dragon Buff material was never like that anyhow. Imagine playing a server with continuous 10k people online how stupid do you have to elysium oroject nighthaven gold be? And then going on about how no black Lotus could be how awful! How different" When you overlook that Northdale has 10x the people a standard server from Blizzard will have you complete retard.