The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold purchasable money

  • Theres' a whole lot of ARPG, RPG, that use gems as The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold purchasable money - and they all share similar origins from China/Korea-devoloped matches which are greatly Pay to Win and/or Pay. Those are the kinds of games that will hit you using a PAYWALL once you hit a certain"landmark" or degree so as to get passed it. You are also restricted by a time-gate as well that will then require you to also PAY to proceed. The Elder Scrolls Blades could have the Bethesda"postage" - but judging by what little I have seen in your video, they probably didn't completely develop the entire source code in-house. This looks like something because those gems are a dead giveaway, among other items outsourced from an developer.

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