I get ESOM Gold is cover to win

  • I get ESOM Gold is cover to win and that's really not good but every f2p mobile game has a kind of stone currency the ideal example is clash royale in which you also ought to open chests which takes hours and you might also just open a single torso at one time along with the cards you get from such a chest are the troops you need to need to play The Elder Scrolls Blades that is quite similar but I think its not forcing you to pay for jewels for better as stated you keep on leveling at The Elder Scrolls Blades you can perform this for quite a while while having fun without paying for it.I'm new to youtubing commentary here, but I'm somewhat disappointed in this video actually. Ispent some money to purchase a decorative piece and so not actually had problems using the chests. I just play it draining my chests out and doing daily tasks, then return and have a binge. So I am probably in the minority but hey, I actually enjoyed F76 with all its silliness. I honestly believe Bethesda saw this as a'haul' game than just like Family Guy using its quick/constant needy kind of game.Alright, but.it is not forcing you to purchase anything? I despise microtransactions as much as anybody, and I've been infuriated by some paywalls earlier, but actual talk, ya don't have to play The Elder Scrolls Blades all the way through in one go. It's a portable game, its point would be to pick it up, play for 30 minutes then do something else for some time. And tbh, 30 minutes of ubroken gameplay at which I constantly have things to do is more than I even got from Fallout Shelter, where I would open ittap a few things, then I'd have to wait until something else happened. Tl;dr, you can not buy items. Yeah, you are going to have to wait until you can continue, but it is a mobile game, I doubt anyone making it meant individuals to play with it for more than an hour for over a few days in a row.

    I expected The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold to be pay to win, so this was no surprise to me. It's a shame, cos I was looking ahead. Yesterday, I tried it briefly and I was not a fan of the controls, but it will seem great graphically. There are actually plenty of individuals who are happy to invest thousands of $ on a cell game, not just $100 and while I do not mind spending a few $ to a mobile game from time to time (when I can spare it cos sadly, I'm not a whale), pay to win versions only put me off. For the time being, I suppose I am sticking with epic7 and fgo far as cellular games go.What did you expect? It won't even let me playwith. What kind of app releases in fuckin access? Bethesda can't even launch a MOBILE match, I fear for the real The Elder Scrolls Blades game.