silver chests flood The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold chest stock

  • Players will find themselves with plenty of silver chests flood The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold chest stock, and they cannot open them fast enough so they can get back to playing the actual game. Unless they spend cash of course. However, who wants to spend ~$20 to open their stack of silver chests they get? This leaves gamers to wait just to clear their chests. But no participant wishes to wait that much time to keep on playing -- nobody wants to risk giving up a chest rewards that are possibly valuable and playing quests. Eventually players will just get frustrated with all of this waiting and uninstall the app altogether -- It's either pay up or stop playing. This is just bad game design on the end of Bethesda. The idea is to get gamers to enjoy playing another The Elder Scrolls Blades Game in their cellular devices. Together with the torso timers as they're now, I dread that players will just eliminate hope on The Elder Scrolls Blades and stop playing together.

    ESO Blades Items community is enormous, and I feel that the huge concern radiating off and being directed towards Bethesda. Micro-transactions in a match are completely fine if The Elder Scrolls Blades isn't purposely designed to force players to paying hundreds of dollars to always play The Elder Scrolls Blades within a protracted time period. I don't feel this was the kind of game the fans expected. Even players that dump massive amounts of money to The Elder Scrolls Blades will eventually lose interest since The Elder Scrolls Blades is becoming so increasingly hard they'll be asked to dump even more cash into a mobile game (keep in mind that buying a full-scale The Elder Scrolls Blades game for consoles/PC on release day is below $100). In The Elder Scrolls Blades's present state, it isn't unreasonable for you to presume that it was designed to be a quick-cash-grab on Bethesda's end, all at the expense of the fans *they care a lot about. I pray that this was purpose, and that they will handle the problems. The Elder Scrolls Blades has so much potential.