Correct Operation of Sand Making Machine

  • For the sand making machine, whether the operation is standardized or not is an important reason for its failure. Feeding belongs to one of the operations. When feeding, the problem to be noticed is the choice of speed, and it can not contain foreign matter. The so-called foreign matter refers to the material that the equipment can not process. If the foreign matter is not carefully brought into the equipment, then it will be carefully brought into the equipment. Internally, what should we do at this time?

    Under normal production conditions, the internal parts of sand making machine also have abrasion, but this kind of abrasion belongs to normal abrasion. If foreign body enters, in order to protect the important parts of the equipment from being destroyed, it is necessary to adopt the rear thrust plate as the safety part of the equipment. Generally speaking, some of the rear thrust plate are cast in cast iron and a groove or groove is made in it. A number of small holes can be cast into two pieces, and then connected with screw to form a combined thrust plate. When the sand making machine is used, if foreign matter enters into the equipment, the equipment will be overloaded, which will lead to the breakage of the thrust plate or the screw shearing of the combined thrust plate, and the work of the equipment will stagnate, thus playing a safe role. This design principle is relatively simple and can properly protect the important parts inside the equipment. When replacing the damaged insurance parts, the operation is relatively simple, and the principle of the equipment is very suitable.

    The above analysis is about how to deal with the foreign body entering the sand making machine. Through the introduction above, we can see that in order to protect the important parts of the equipment from being damaged, we need to use the thrust plate as the insurance, which is at the cost of sacrificing the rear thrust plate to ensure the smooth production of the equipment. Although this design is simple and reasonable, in order to reduce the thrust force. Plate replacement, or in order to reduce the delay of production process caused by foreign body entering equipment, and reduce the cost of investment, in the process of sand making machine production, we must strictly check the incoming material, prevent foreign body from entering the equipment, and then ensure the smooth production process.