Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.05 Gain Monks, Samurai, and Astrologi

  • The Final Fantasy XIV 5.05 patch specification is here, as expected, the most significant increase is the Savage-level version of the Eden raid. But there's more here, including a long-awaited set of gains and rework, especially three jobs, especially: Astrologian, Samurai, and Monk.

    Astrologian has benefited the most from the changes, and this is probably the best, and the popular therapist class has made significant rework in 5.0, which makes it less useful. With the use of FFXIV Gil and a wide range of abilities, casting time is reduced, many healing spells are more productive, and Sleeve Draw requires rework to make it easier to manage.

    Samurai can get instant cast time on many abilities, as well as the more powerful Shoha, the longer Mediate, and the shorter Meikyo Shisui recast time. Most notably, this work has once again got Hagakure, which means you will have good reason to rethink and rebuild your rotation.

    Monk lovers are more subtle and maybe better seen as a series of adjustments in quality of life than a dramatic increase in power. The duration of the Opo-Opo, Raptor, and Coeurl forms increased to 15 seconds, Mantra reached 15 yalms, and more capabilities had a slight impact and limitations. In short, players want to Buy FFXIV Gil, and you can consider buying at MMOAH! You won't be disappointed!