Path of Exile: Next detailed update around August 20th

  • As expected to use roadmap, Grinding Gear Games released a significant Path of Exile updates in March and June. The next meeting scheduled for September ought to detailed after August. There is still a period since the next update. If you desire to buy POE Currency ahead of time or are searching for a suitable website, I think you'll be able to choose MMOAH, along with their website can supply you with the products you wish.

    Developers have indicated on their website that the release of the 3.8.0 update should take place around August 20th. Players of hack'nlash should find a new challenge alliance to change old content, such as allowing Syndicat Immortel and Sulphite to access all the characters in the league.

    GGG wants to keep it secret, GGG doesn't say much, except plan for community improvements, as well as extended typical content, namely POE Trade, prototypes, and new objects. Currently, all of this is scheduled to take place on September 6th, but the studio reminds us that even if everything is healthy now, this date may change if necessary.