How to get pets in MapleStory M and how to play this function

  • MapleStory M is a 2D horizontal online role-playing mobile game based on the original online game MapleStory. MapleStory M combines a variety of tasks, rich character customization, and community features, one of the most popular features is the pet feature.

    Pets and minions are standard features in many MMORPGs, but they are more attractive in MapleStory M. They not only follow you but also act cutely. They also serve different purposes in battle, such as using your potion when you are in poor health or picking up items. The medicine can purchase by using Maplestory M Mesos. If you've ever played Castle Crashers, they're a bit similar. You can equip them by going to the character screen and clicking on the pet. From this menu, you can see all the available lists and swap them in and out up to three times. You can also feed them with pet food to keep them level, which gives you extra gain when exploring the world of MapleStory M.

    To get new and different tasks, complete tasks, some of which may include pets as rewards. Free daily rewards may also include pets. Finally, you can also use real money to buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos from MapleStory M's cash store. From what we can see, these things from the store don't seem to be stronger or weaker than the normal ones you can get, at least not at level 1. They are just cute, and they are usually found differently from yours.

    It is how to get pets and what they do in MapleStory M. I hope you will find a lot of cute when you play MapleStory M on your phone or tablet.