Path of Exile announces the next expansion to arrive on August

  • Grinding Gear Games developers posted a short description on the Path of Exile website to let the community know what's going on. It is important to note that the team announced that the next expansion of the game would announce on August 20.

    What can players get from expansion? Based on this article, players will find a new challenge alliance to improve old main content and system changes. The team is not ready to reveal all the details, but they suggest that the system changes  base on "the area where the community gives them audible feedback." Of course, the extension will come with new POE Currency, Gems, and Prototypes.

    For the time being, the unnamed Path of Exile will be available on September 6. Therefore, the currently running Legion Challenge League will end on September 3. The console alliance will end on the same day that the expansion starts.

    The letter also announced that the final ExileCon qualifier would hold on August 17. The winner of this event will be present at the final of the PoE Fans Conference ExileCon held in November.

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