MapleStory and Black Mage move to the next stage: a new startin

  • Los Angeles - - The iconic free global MMORPG from Nexon MapleStory is celebrating, a modern update called Black Mage: a new starting point on January 23, 2019.

    In the next phase, Maplers will raise the limit to 275 and be new to MS M Mesos enemies after more than five years. Players can start playing the Maple Leaf Alliance celebrations, 200 generations of Genesis weapons and epic battles.

    Through the Maple Leaf Alliance celebration, players will receive special titles and gift boxes that include pets, hair/facial coupons, league medals, cubes, flames, and much more. Each gift box will provide a better reward based on the player's league level, which may provide additional items such as legendary weapons and equipment, approximately 500,000 maple dots or skin.

    Players of level 245 and above can relive the heroic battles between Tenebris and the Black Master and the permanent daily tasks available in these areas. The game also brings different missions, and the player may get a weapon box with Genesis weapons after defeating the Black Wizard. Players can unlock the effectiveness of their Genesis weapons by completing the task of unlocking all power in the weapon.

    Players can participate in other activities, including:

    Gold Richie's Lunar New Year Party - From January 30th, players can rescue abducted party guests, send real video messages to several Maple World characters, visit the coin store and receive special login gifts to celebrate the Year of the Pig!
    Farms in Utah - Beginning February 6th, players can access Cluck, Cluck, Bean Farm in Utah, and handle a variety of fun farm mini-game missions.
    Choco Onslaught - From February 13th, the Choco Onslaught event is back, considering that Buy Maplestory M Mesos the benefits of chocolate will once again replace Maple World.
    Dark and Dark Lords - From February 13th, players may have the opportunity to open a shadow sculpture that can contain totems.