Therefore, the "path of exile" hopes to benefit again with the

  • The new exile alliance is coming soon. The Legion should bring other projects, such as balance optimization. Especially the melee was affected.

    When did the legion begin? The Legion began at 22:00 on June 7.
    What is a "corps"? In the Legion, you have released the historical military leaders from this country's Wraeclast and your endless struggle in the "eternal conflict zone." Forever war.
    If you defeat the Legion, you will receive valuable rewards.

    PoE becomes heavier
    What is special? The developer Grinding Gear Games explained that this road to exile plus the legion should be even harder - even for novices. You want everyone to POE Currency Buy believe that they have achieved some goals through difficult challenges.

    You must take care of your employer and consider a good strategy. The Dodge will be the order of the day because monsters will cause more damage. But if you get the right strategy and beat the boss, it should bring a lot of sense of accomplishment.

    Melee may make some players feel overworked
    What has it brought this year? A lot of balance optimizations were announced. Especially melee fighters. Because many fans of the road to exile think they may be relatively "useless" because using long-range weapons and spells may be more effective - at least compared to melee. So far, pure melee may be ignored. That should change.

    In particular, PoE Marauder and Duelist should benefit from these changes.
    The combat speed has been adjusted and is now an ideal choice for  POE Items animation. There is now a significant difference between fast and slow attacks.
    The swing can hit multiple enemies.
    A lot of adjustments have been made to the damage, attack speed and effects of many melee skills.