Albion Online, a small game like RuneScape, can be played for f

  • Albion Online, a small game like RuneScape, has been converted to free mode since April 10. This means that new and returning players can experience the game for free before this date.

    Those who spend a lot of time and money on Buy Albion Silver gamers will get a ghost wolf (headline picture), like a thank-you gift, giving back to the loyal fans who have always supported the game. It has the same statistics as Direwolf, but it looks different.

    Players returning to the game get a ghost wolf mount as a reward
    You need an account that is active in the game a long time ago, or a Starter Pack account to get rewards, which means that if you subscribe now, you may not have this reward.

    To celebrate the launch of the free game, all players will be Albion Online Silver foggy for the Albion buff, which will increase the duration of all events by 25%. This is not the reputation you have gained through Tomes.

    If you need to check out Albion Online now, you get a 34% discount on the normal price. This is the most cost-effective we've seen since it was first introduced in the Gold and Premium Starter Pack.

    It's also worth noting that when Albion doesn't cost anything, the beginner's package doesn't exist, so when you want to get a bonus, please enter as much as possible.

    You can find more information about Albion Online on the official website and get it now. If you want a free trial offer, you will need to wait until April 10.