Albion Online launches an undead challenge to get new equipment

  • Throughout July, Albion Online players usually participate in the Undead Challenge, and players who play well are likely to get very good rewards. Those who complete the battle by participating in the Open World event can take home the Spectral Direboar mount with its unique spells.

    Besides, players can also get  Albion Online Silver For Sale the undead challenge avatar boundaries and get seasonal specials, including undead scorpions, ribs, legs, and ragged undead captains, as well as adventurers' Tomes, Silver and more. Rich prizes await the arrival of players! Don't you expect it?

    By playing the open world, for example killing monsters in the game, fishing, planting, and collecting materials. Players can earn many bonus points. But these all require players to successfully challenge, and the higher the score, the better the reward.

    In addition to the Undead Challenge, players can also get a huge frog by Albion Silver recommending the game to a friend. Players can send a link to the game to their friends and then recommend these. When they experienced the 30-day game, they began to receive rewards.

    This award is very novel. If you are attracted to this, don't miss this update. They are waiting for your arrival!