"Elder Scrolls Online" July Daily Rewards include fancy shield

  • Today is the beginning of the new moon, which means you will receive a daily login reward for Elder Scrolls Online.

    As usual, you will receive the next reward on the list each day you log in. Fortunately, they don't need to be contiguous. So if you sign up after 15 days in July, you will occasionally get the next reward on Elder Scrolls Online Gold the list.

    Here are all the rewards offered this month:
    This is usually very fair, such as experience scrolls, production acceleration reels, league points, and more. However, there are two special products this month - one of which caught my interest.

    On Day 14, players are eligible to use the Bhandari Pedlar Shield style, which can be applied to other shields as a new design, a bit like clothes. You can see a preview of it in the image at the top of this article. I like gorgeous details and perfect faces. No doubt, I am ready to log in and get it. I may redesign the color and everything of my entire device.

    Besides, there is a Fisherfolk Work Wear on the 21st day of registration. This is a simple piece of equipment, but for all Tamriel owners, this is a great outfit to ESO Gold complete the task during a leisurely break.

    In addition to the usual XP reels, potions, poisons, etc., there are some new mounts, such as the impressive Baandari dwarf spider, furniture, and the magical theme Sand / Ghost Leo shown above.