'MapleStory 2' Awakening Update adds a new dungeon

  • As more skills bring more challenges. This update allows players to get epic gear, so don't miss this opportunity. With three new Chaos Raids, players can challenge Pink Bean and get legendary gear for the first time in MapleStory 2. This update will bring great benefits to players!

    Lapenta is an emerging area that uses a fascinating storyline that includes four dungeons that are harder than Chaos Raids. With the advent of new areas, the use of Lapenshards is a customizable skill system that is different from Buy Maplestory M Mesos the past. Lapenshards is a very special gem that introduces new passive and active abilities that players can use to unlock their maximum energy. After the player passes the last dungeon, the player will receive a new level 60 Ascendant gear.

    Besides, players who log in before June 26 will receive a very valuable item around the first character they log in. Players who log in every day can also get various types of mounts.

    As of June 26th, players of each custom map can get 3 levels if they upgrade from the summer burning activity and get new equipment at level 60 in preparation for Buy MS M Mesos future challenges.

    Get ready to enter another dimension of Maple World, and you and your friends will encounter vivid 3D scenery, numerous special events, and exciting mini-games, as well as familiar and completely original enemies. Your new MapleStory is just waiting to share, we can't start to pay attention to you!

    There is no cost to download MapleStory 2 on Nexon Launcher and Steam.