Path of Exile Update Version 1.16 Complete Patch Description 3.

  • You can download the Path of Exile update version 1.16 patch 3.7.3b on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The following are the entire patch descriptions and bug fixes included in this update.

    The popular path patch 3.7.3b officially released as the game update version 1.16 on Path of Exile Currency the PS4, focuses on bug fixes. Since this is part of the new update, there are a lot of bugs fixed.

    The full patch description for the updated version 1.16 of the Road to Exile is usually described in detail below.
    Exile Path Update Version 1.16 Complete Patch Description 3.7.3b (PS4, Xbox One, PC),

    Fixed an error that caused the monster AI to consume too much server resources. This is also solved many times when the monster uses more skills (for example, the internal Shaper of Uber Elder encounters multiple remote transmissions and The Brine King often uses his Bubble Shield).
    Fixed a situation where monster skills could not be displayed correctly if you have left the scene and returned because they are using skills (for example, blood meteors in Ahuatotli, blind encounters).
    Fixed an error where a single skill could be used multiple times in a row if you applied another skill when you held the original skill key binding.
    Fixed an error in which the channel skill might not be POE Currency Buy released because you performed too many actions.
    Fixed a bug where Legion generals would not discard items if you were not in the area after fleeing.
    Fixed a bug that Harbingers made in "The Unique Boss and the Mysterious Harbinger", which would produce a sextant in the hard-to-reach locations on the Belfry map, the Lava Lake map, the sunken city map, and the tower map.
    Fixed four instance crashes.

    The above is the approximate content of this update. The road to exile is a free online action RPG, which can be realized by mobile phone PS4, Xbox One, and PC.