Albion Online: MJ Perceval will arrive on July 10th

  • Albion Online offers a more open concept and sandbox than MMORPG, attracting a wider range of players through free games. Since then, the title has been updated regularly and will soon benefit from a large patch called Perceval.

    This is usually the seventh time this game has been updated on a large scale since the theme was released. Every change is very important. So players need to be Albion Silver more careful.

    In an article posted on its official website, Sandbox Interactive Studio announced that it will generate a random dungeon, a new personalization system. Before this, many players expressed great expectations for this, so under the team's discussion, the players finally ushered in a mysterious random dungeon! After that, many characters will have new mounts, and players need to understand natural new creatures and spells.

    Finally, the patch description can see several minor improvements (single language discussion channels, shortcuts to emoji...). This type of update will be Albion Online Silver scheduled for July 10.

    I don't know if you read this article, do you feel that you can't wait? But let us look forward to the next update! You will embark on a very exciting journey.