The melee battle in the "path of exile" is undergoing large-sca

  • If my help guide is an excellent indicator, then publishing the road to exile on the console is a huge success for Grinding Gear Games. After releasing PoE around the Xbox One console in October, traffic continued to grow and remained stable for several weeks, after which it will appear on various platforms and be sought after by many players.

    For beginners, when high-speed attack gains are not yet available, there is a concern that melee will be considered slow and loose in the early stages of the game. Grinding Gear focuses on modifying attack animations to provide a stronger, more impactful feel for lower levels of melee. The feeling of close combat to POE Currency the player is usually a vague concept that is challenging, but it is an important factor that increases the fun of the player in games such as the exile. The connection between animation and "feeling" is very interesting.

    Melee updates do not end with math and animation changes. Grinding Gear reported that it also used "precision, melee splash, otter, fortification, various Ascendancy classes, passive trees, hit/miss feedback, melee basic types, mobile skills and melee damage availability for items". It sounds like a thorough reform and rebalancing.

    Because they often receive submissions from Buy POE Orbs many players, they are considering changes in the size of Grinding Gear, and they find that their favorite attack rotations are not working as expected. However, focused players usually adapt quickly, and are happy to find new ways to destroy hordes of enemies. When the game is updated, players will find how satisfying the new combat method is.