How to properly start the road of the exile army? Guide 2.0 Exi

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    Corps project
    Fragments may fall from some monsters, and they can be combined to create a badge from the Legion. Although the logo can only be used with specific labs or map devices, it can even be used in personal map devices.

    Only having 2 or more different logos located in POE Orbs the map device can unlock the domain's portal from the eternal conflict.

    Another new reward is the incubator, which can be placed on an item you are working on. Once a player kills a specific number of enemies with that item, he gets a reward, also known as a hatching item. This time there are a total of 26 incubators, which are divided into different levels according to different hatching effects.

    Challenge and reward
    In any case, the Legion Alliance is an exciting update, including 40 optional challenges. Not every player needs to POE Currency complete many challenges, and each time they finish, they can get rewards, including some of the game's crowns, trophies, wings, and other items, which can be used in the Legion League.

    in conclusion
    POE updates can be a bold breakthrough, including more new content than before, some massive rework, more exciting rewards, and faster-paced activities. In short, it may be very good.
    However, to make you perform better in the game, I also use supplements that you may have considered but never tried.
    I was suggested to prepare some Poe Currency in exchange for Poe items and some rare POE Orbs when needed.