Albion Online celebrates the anniversary celebration, announces

  • The sandbox game Albion Online recently celebrated its second anniversary. It launched a one-week celebration party and offered gifts to all players as a reward to support them all the time.

    The staff at Albion Online mentioned that they appreciate the fans who have always supported them because they have always encouraged and have the opportunity to Albion Online Silver develop into the present, they are a driving force for us to keep moving forward.

    Albion Online has received seven major content updates since its release and recently updated Percival on July 10. The second year of Albion Online witnessed Faction Warfare, Crystal Realm Battles and Randomized Dungeons.

    To celebrate its second anniversary, Sandbox Interactive has released some players' Fame Boost and a release of the official soundtrack via a blog. If you are interested in these players, you can go to their blog to see more details.

    Fame Boost will last until July 24th and will earn a 25% reputation for every event in the open world. Players who created an account before July 17th may receive a free offer in the course within Albion Silver a week, and the city in the game has been decorated with special holiday decorations.
    Albion Online Soundtrack, written by the famous composer Jonne Valtonen and recorded by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, has been launched on all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

    The above is the approximate content of this celebration, pay attention to me, I will release more details.