I went back to the pub and vacuum storage bags suppliers

  • I had heard a lot about the nightlife in Bangalore and I was pretty excited about experiencing it. I knew I was going to get out a lot so I got clothes and accessories from home. I brought a suitcase full of dresses and a duffel bag full of shoes. I had cartons of other accessories and knick knacks.  Then came my first weekend in the city and I was super-excited. My friends and I, we decided to go to a pub and I just knew I had to be a diva on the dancefloor. I chose a pretty outfit, long earrings and bright red shoes. I just didn't have a clutch bag that would match my outfit.

    When it was time, my friends reached my apartment and I could hear them honking through my windows so I rushed out with my phone and ATM card. I didn't want to carry my bag as it didn't quite go with my outfit.  I ran down the stairs and got in the car. I gave my phone and ATM card to my friend who kept it in her clutch bag. We went to a pub called Warehouse and danced with everybody there. It was great. They were serving free punch so all of us got pretty sloshed.   After a while, I realised that my friends weren't with me. I searched the whole pub but they were nowhere to be seen. I'd lost them and my wallet and card. I went out but couldn't find our car. The valet probably parked it elsewhere. I knew I was in trouble. I went back to the pub and vacuum storage bags suppliers searched once more. I grabbed a glass of water and got out. I waited for a cab for a long time and finally got an auto. I wasn't sure if it was safe but I got in anyway. I gave him the directions and once I got to my apartment, I asked him to wait for a few minutes and got money from my roommate and paid him off. I was relieved to be back in the room.

    I used my roomie's phone and dialled my number. Thankfully, my friend picked it up and after giving her an earful for leaving me alone, I asked her about my phone and card. I was glad my phone and card were safe in her clutch bag.      

    What if she has lost it ? The only reason I didn't take my clutch bag was because it didn't go with my outfit.

    I wanted to buy clutch bags right away. I had gone to the store recently for one and they hardly had any options. So, I decided to shop them on an ecommerce site as I'd heard about the good deals available online. I immediately logged on and browsed through all the models of clutches available. There were all so cute and irresistible that I wanted to buy them all. I selected one designer clutch and some leather and canvas clutch bags which went well with my most of my outfits. I clicked on the Buy Now button and went off to sleep. I was overjoyed to see that the clutch bags reached me in a day and a half.