Hector Trujillo for allegedly FIFA Coins

  • Hector Trujillo for allegedly accepting bribe paymentsfrom Media World, an affiliate of Spanish FIFA Coins media company ImaginaGroup for media and marketing rights to World Cup qualifiermatches in 2018 and 2022. Another Guatemalan soccer official,former FIFA executive committee member Rafael Salguero, alsofaces bribery-related charges in the case.The U.S. is seeking to extradite Jimenez from Guatemala.Trujillo, who was a judge on the Constitutional Court ofGuatemala, was arrested while on board a Disney cruise ship in.

    Florida in December. He pleaded innocent to the charges in aBrooklyn court last month. Salguero's whereabouts could notimmediately be ascertained and a spokeswoman for U.S.prosecutors declined to comment.NEW MODELThe Media World Sports contracts that are part of the U.S.case against the three Guatemalan soccer officials are separatefrom the contracts signed with Gonzalez. Media World Sports doesnot belong to Gonzalez.In the audit report, the committee requests expertassistance from FIFA to reform Fedefut's statutes."

    What we are trying to do is make more transparent theprocess of sponsorship, of transmission rights and of any otheractivity that generates funds, according to the new model ofFIFA statutes," said Adela Camacho de Torrebiarte, who headsthe committee.Camacho did not comment on the details of the report toFIFA.

    Gonzalez's companies dominate the TV broadcast industry insome of Buy FUT Coins the countries he works in, notably Guatemala, where hecontrols the only four national free TV stations, putting him ina very strong position to win broadcasting rights to any event.According to the Albavision website, the holding companyowns 45