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  • The home of fair competition and clean, drug-free sport. Yes, it’s Russia.Hickey, Ireland’s IOC representative, and the man who saw no fault in holding the inaugural European Games in Baku, has reaffirmed his hope that FIFA Coins Russia will be available for the gig in 2019. ‘Russia is still our preferred host,’ Hickey said. ‘As you know, events are unfolding there rapidly, on a daily basis.’


    Patrick Hickey is favouring Russia to host the second European Games, despite its murky reputationIndeed, they are. So much so it is hard to keep up with who is bent, who might be found to be bent if their drug records hadn’t been destroyed, who had done the destroying, who had resigned as a result, who was banned and who was just plain old sacked.All Russian track and field competitors are currently suspended by the IAAF but


    Hickey claimed his organisation was awaiting developments — as if WADA’s blistering report wasn’t conclusive enough. He wouldn’t say whether the IAAF would have to give Russia the all-clear before the EOC proffered host status, either.


    In many ways, it is quite the feat: Hickey has made sport’s tawdriest cash-in somehow appear even tawdrier. Leicester have it figured out for a top-four finish If history is any guide, Leicester City will play in the Cheap FIFA Coins Champions League next season.