Russian servers because the FUT Coins

  • Tottenham could stop Manchester United move for Real Madrid... Real Madrid FUT Coins may be obsessed with keeping Cristiano Ronaldo... Share this article Share 1.2k shares Football Leaks? I'd never heard of it!Well that's quite understandable. Before this week, only a handful of football fans, probably in Portugal or Holland, would have known about it.Football Leaks has been online since


    September last year and describes itself as 'a newly-formed organisation in pursuit of the truth' adding 'we believe that only through public pressure in high volumes a difference can be made.'The true identity of those involved remains a mystery but we do know they are based in Portugal and use.


    Russian servers because the authorities there are less likely to Cheap FIFA Coins co-operate with their Western counterparts.Those aims are obviously reminiscent of Julian Assange's WikiLeaks website, which publishes classified documents to expose wrongdoing by governments around the world.


    The part about 'making a difference' is more obscure but presumably relates to the ongoing corruption scandals gripping the game's governing bodies. The top of the Football Leaks website on Friday morning as they continue to disclose confidential documents Bale moved from Tottenham