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  • Don Massimiliano Gabricci, over fears his relationship with Valentina Baldini (pictured) would affect his performance in the World CupBut Erik might soon find himself in the company of more like-minded players. Professionals appear to be turning away from the ostentatious style that marked the game a decade ago when Coleen Rooney, Cheryl Fernandez Versini - then FIFA Coins Cheryl Cole - and Victoria


    Beckham were the chief WAGs.He has a lot in common with Andrea Pirlo, 36, the Italian player who is signed to New York City but is set to go on loan to Manchester City this month. The father-of-two rocks an essential hipster beard and is a lover of vintage fashion and oversized cardigans. He's been featured on the covers of GQ and Vanity Fair as well as modelling for Dolce & Gabbana.


    A wine afficionado, he even owns his own vineyard, and called his autobiography I Think Therefore I Play - referencing the philosopher Descartes.


    Portuguese player Raul Meireles is known as 'the Kanye West of football' for his unique fashion sense and self-confidence. He is married to long-term love Ivone and the pair share a love of tattoos The former Liverpool and Chelsea midfielder currently plays for the Turkish club Fenerbahçe, and has been spotted on the FIFA Mobile Coins front row at Istanbul Fashion Week However, he did become embroiled in a typical footballer-style scandal when his marriage to Deborah Roversi broke up in 2014 after he became close to blonde Valentina