World of Warcraft "The Dooms of Doom" Raiders

  • World of Warcraft "The Dooms of Doom" Raiders

    At the end of August, Blizzard officially launched "World of Warcraft Classic", the official game team launched a second phase of a copy update on the 15th of this month - the doom. As a result, players from all walks of life have opened the road to attacking doom, and Doom Air has become the most popular attack line in a short time. On the first day of the opening of Doom, it became the most popular route in the game.

    When I first attacked, I used the role of hunter, which took an hour to finally complete the task. I also changed the role once. After the follow-up episode, the skilled player will only take half an hour to complete.

    Essential occupations: hunters, thieves. Extra points occupation: pastor, warlock. The composition of our team is: warriors, pastors, hunters, warlocks, thieves.
    Among them, hunters are especially important because only the hunter's output is the biggest. Skip the first three BOSS. The hunter is best to bring a full-level cat baby, you must sprint or other pets that can sprint. The point that must be reminded here is that first of all, the strength of yourself must be strong. You must first resist the first wave of attacks in the past, otherwise it will not make sense to die in the first level.

    The role of the thief is to pick up the key in the middle of the number one boss hall and open the door to the second hall. The second boss here will upset your actions. After opening the door, there will be two monsters waiting to be cleaned up. The two waves of monsters are not very powerful and can be removed easily. Then came to the front of the second boss, which is characterized by a wide range of patrols, killing other monsters while he patrols. In addition to thieves, others must quickly clear the mobs on the stairway. The thief's task is to put interference on the BOSS patrol, slow down the pace of BOSS. If the player does not have enough good equipment, it is recommended to go to to buy World of Warcraft Gold. The price is cheap and it is fast.

    Put 2 disturbances on the way forward, quickly go upstairs after cleaning up the monsters and continue to clean up the monsters on the stairs. It is worth noting that when you go up the stairs, go to the right, don't let the attention of the powerful monster on the left. Classic WOW Gold can help me get better when I get the equipment.