Warcraft Classic: Halloween on Adelaide on Halloween

  • Warcraft Classic: Halloween on Adelaide on Halloween




    Thanks to the World of Warcraft classic release, players can return to Azeroth as they did 13 years ago. And feel free to choose your favorite server for a fierce battle. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has re-maintained its popular massively multiplayer RPG, allowing him to appear again in front of the player. The classic version of World of Warcraft is very popular for players to love on the first day of the line. Because too many players enter the game and even cause the game to be congested, so many users have to queue up to enter the game, but this is still difficult to resist the players. The heat.




    The World of Warcraft classic game is a game that many people remember. It has a retro visual effect. The game interface is equivalent to the vision of the first generation of Warcraft, and even the tasks and bugs are the same as in the past.


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    Where is the improvement?

    This is the end of Azeroth's Halloween event, the WoW Classic's Halloween event has begun, players have seen decorations and gifts throughout the game. Now buy World of Warcraft Gold at ZZWOW and enjoy the 8% discount with the "Halloween" code. Players can visit the inn of each town in the game to get candy that adds strength and mana. During the event, players can also disguise the fruit and candy of the innkeeper to achieve a tidy effect. In addition, players will also get special activity tasks and loot, which are hard to see in peacetime. Those who fought with the undead at level 50 also had the opportunity to get a 16-slot pumpkin bag.



    What is World of Warcraft Classic


    World of Warcraft Classic is a game developed based on version 1.12, and the name of this version is called the drum sound of war. After the release of this version, it is widely known and won the praise of the players. And released the official version - the burning expedition. Players call this play "vanilla WoW" in the game series. Buying players now call this show "vanilla WoW" in the game series. Now, WOW Classic Gold is still able to hesitate at a lower price. Come and act!