Suggestions for WOW classic players (1)

  • Suggestions for WOW classic players (1)

    With our classic World of Warcraft skills, a good start is a great start for any new or old gamer.

    These "World of Warcraft Classic" techniques can help new players quickly adapt to the game, while also enabling old players to regain their feelings. Whether you are playing World of Warcraft Classic for the first time or an experienced veteran, it's hard to deny that there has been a huge change in the past 15 years. But I personally think that these most basic "World of Warcraft Classic" skills will help you quickly embark on the journey of Azeroth and travel through time and space. First of all, there is no one who can quickly reach unrealistic goals. For example, if the game level reaches 60 in a short period of time, it is obviously impossible. But these tips should help you become more powerful when you re-familiar with World of Warcraft Classics! Now buy the World of Warcraft gold coin code "halloween" at ZZWOW up to 8% cheaper.

    1: Quickly pick up the dropped items
    If you are very fortunate, you will probably see a baggage drop when you are exploring. If you are not lucky enough, you will have two ways to get the baggage. You can use the tailor to make them yourself. You can also ask the public on the channel whether a tailor is willing to help you make it. Most people are happy to help you make a really lack of baggage and are willing to pay a tip. Don't forget the baggage when you upgrade, use them to increase bank space or store it for later use. When you use them, most of the smaller bags are not tied, so you can send them to any other role you might want to use in the future.


    2: Robbery everything
    In "World of Warcraft Classics", the space of the bag is very precious. If you want to have the skills and mounts for horse riding at level 40, World of Warcraft Classic Gold is also very important. So pick up the equipment that is very practical for you but is thrown away by the enemy. Even if this means visiting a supplier more often than you want. Gray items can be sold immediately without worrying about stacking together. But the effects of the reagents are not always useful, depending on whether you want to send them to other characters.