Warcraft Classic is more suitable for players to play alone

  • Warcraft Classic is more suitable for players to play alone


    New sensitivities are also reflected in the regional chat of Warcraft: the jokes, mappings and occasional political discussions of the parents are still prevalent. But it is self-aware, self-referential, and smart webjets are taking advantage of topics more than a decade ago. In a discussion area that I am interested in, there is a problem that "someone said..." And in the Warcraft Classic game discussion area, there are always many links pointing to other games.



    However, this kind of chat is usually very helpful and fun, which is rare in the modern version of World of Warcraft or most games of the same type. Most posts are people trying to find a mission goal, to find a particularly complex user interface task, such as canceling a career, or looking for players to clear dead mines, or looking for companions to challenge difficult dungeon missions to gain experience. Every player in need is sending a message to help them achieve their goals. Click on https://www.mmowts.com/ to participate in Halloween events and small gifts.




    There are many reasons for this, and they illustrate all the advantages of the World of Warcraft classic. People know that they are on the same server as the same player, and if they plan to play games for a long time, reputation is valuable. But the most important thing is that they help because they need help, because the monsters that kill others are also the ones who kill them. The common difficulties make your compatriots feel sympathetic.


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    Warcraft is a game designed to require players to work together. If you rely on one person to work hard, you will not get results, and your colleagues will have nothing to do with you. The player who returns to it will keep this direction in mind.


    How does the classic version of the game affect the modern version?


    To be honest, I really like the modern version of the game. But after 15 years, I continue to play World of Warcraft classics. This unusual game makes my companions and family feel confused. But there are still many places in the World of Warcraft classics that are not comparable to the retail version. For example, it is easy to realize the task targets that can be executed independently, and to perform underground dungeon activities without waiting in advance, leading you to surpass the enemy's flying mounts, and plundering the deceased items in one click, which are not available in modern World of Warcraft.


    I don't need to group most of the tasks in modern World of Warcraft because I don't need them. If I like, I will use LFG to join a party, perform all the tasks required, and then leave quickly, which is probably the only conversation the team sees. Of course, I belong to the guild, we conduct raids, and even real-world friends can play. But the experience between moments may be a lonely experience, for players who don't have such a social group, the game works well.