WoW Classic vs WoW Retail: part3

  • WoW Classic vs WoW Retail: part3


    Classic Warcraft and Modern Warcraft: Which version is more fun?




    Since the release of World of Warcraft classics, I have spent a lot of time on this continent of Azeroth. Although the game is no longer as popular as it used to be, there are still more than a million players playing this game worldwide. World of Warcraft Classic offers a special opportunity for players to re-play the original version of the MMORPG game, and also allows players to experience the history of the game in the process, allowing players to follow the changes of the times to witness the changes in the game. This article mainly compares the upgrade and exploration of the two versions of the World of Warcraft novice level.




    In this article, "Retail" represents the retail version of World of Warcraft, and "Classic" represents the classic version of Warcraft released at the end of August this year. “Vanilla” stands for the original game and related experience after 2004. References to Vanilla are historical references. In the game for World of Warcraft Classic Gold, it is indispensable, players need to use it to redeem game equipment, etc., but not only a lot of time is wasted by completing system tasks, but also a small amount.



    I used to play World of Warcraft when World of Warcraft was first released, and participated in the game beta in March 2004. After the promotion of the three tribes, I chose the game character of the Paladin. And successfully upgraded the game character to full level in the internal test phase. In the days that followed, Blizzard officially released the Warcraft game. I decided to change my character to experience. Since then, I have kept the paladin in the game and reviewed the past 15 years of games and their update experience for various publications. Click on to buy World of Warcraft Gold, not only at a low price, but also quickly. It is convenient for players to fight Azeroth in the game.



    I used the role of Paladin in both the Retail and Classic versions. I recall the experience of upgrading the Paladin in the Classic version, and I want to use my familiar characters in both versions. Although the Paladin is not the fastest in the Classic version, it has excellent survivability. Not only that, there are three satisfactory skills in both the Retail and Classic versions. They are DPS, healing, tanking. In the Classic version, the Warriors are more inclined to use the tank at the end of the game, but for the upgrade, all mixed classes (Druid, Shaman, Paladin) have healing, DPS and tank options.