WOW: Shadow Land will lead players into the future

  • WOW: Shadow Land will lead players into the future



    In the 2019 Blizzard Carnival, the game director gave a keynote speech about the new version. In this speech, he revealed some content about the new version. The main theme of the seventh part of World of Warcraft is the Shadow of the Earth. The sequel to Battle for Azeroth will be released in 2020. This expansion will focus on the former tribal chiefs, who later became the villains of Sylvanas Windrunner in the world of Azeroth to release the souls of the dead. Players enter the afterlife to explore.



    In a very magical movie trailer, Sylvanas came to Ice City and fought fiercely against the current Lich King Bolva Fort Lagun. The latter inherited the predecessor of the Lich King after the second part of "World of Warcraft" "Wrath of the Lich King". Two people kept fighting, and finally Sylvanas won. But the current Lich King warned him that the power of the Lich King's crown would tear her away. Hearing here, Sylvanas did not bring the crown, but shredded it into two halves, which opened the curtain between life and death.



    The land of shadows is a continent without borders and full of evil and darkness. But if there is no evil in the shadow continent, it will be boring! Whenever I feel difficult in the game, I use WOW Classic Power Leveling to help myself improve the level. With his help, my level is improving rapidly, and my game technology is more exquisite. Whenever I was in a group battle, I knew how to attack and defend than my teammates.



    According to the information on the expansion site, players will be aligned with one of the contracts of the Shadows, the Guardian of the Undead, each with their own motives and ambitions. The expansion will also introduce and introduce a new dungeon-Torghast, a constantly changing, non-repetitive, cursed tower.



    Here's more information directly from the official press release:

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    Exploring the Undead: In World of Warcraft, players will enter the Shadows for the first time and experience the wonders and horrors of the afterlife in five new areas: Bastion, Bastion, Ardenweald, Ardenweald, Ardenweald. Each area has its own different look and play, and players can explore different areas according to their needs. However, before this, you must prepare enough World of Warcraft gold in exchange for good equipment, or you can only fail in the level.