The Captain Of The Game's Red Devils

  • Manchester United midfielder Pogba looks like he needs to be injured for a while. In the first half of the Champions League match against Basel in the early hours of Wednesday, Pogba was replaced by a hamstring injury LOLGA.INC.


    Pogba is the captain of the game's Red Devils, but he only played 18 minutes, was Fellaini replaced, the latter for the Red Devils first record, Red Devils finally at home 3:0 defeated Basel.


    Speaking after the game about Pogba's injury, manager Jose Mourinho responded: "I'm not sure, I can only judge according to past experience, this should be a muscle problem." In my opinion, muscle problems will give you a few weeks to play. ”


    "In my opinion, he should be the hamstring of the hamstring." But I haven't communicated with the medical department of the club. ”


    "Our lineup is going to be able to cope with the situation, to deal with the problem of injury and to deal with the suspension." Having players hurt won't make us cry, so even if Pogba can't play in Sunday, we'll have Herrera, Michael Carrick, Fellaini and Matic.