If The Spurs Continue To Sign With Simmons

  • If the spurs continue to sign with simmons, pau gasol is likely to make a sacrifice and sign a lower salary contract to get the team through with simmons. The potential of the SAN Antonio spurs recently unearthed real simmons, the latter in the playoffs also become a main rotation player in the squad, under the condition of tax reserve players seems very good. But something happened between SAN Antonio and simmons, according to the SAN Antonio express reports, deterioration of relations between the two sides have: "after the two sides to discuss a new contract progress, the spurs are submitted and phoenix SUNS sign before they are in agreement. The deal included the spurs signing simmons and then sending the SUNS to tyson chandler. But at the last minute, the spurs withdrew their agreement and they didn't want to accept chandler's two years and 26 million contracts in the deal LOLGA.


    The source revealed that simmons' negotiators then went to Las Vegas later on Wednesday to ask the SAN Antonio spurs to make simmons a non-restricted free agent. The team then gave a definite answer on Thursday morning, the last day of the withdrawal. Sources said simmons representatives are very upset about this, the spurs should not be done with this attitude and simmons negotiations, before negotiations with the spurs, they will travel to the other team for quotation.


    Pau gasol in the negotiations made a perfect end, club neither solicit to star nor contract simmons, the spurs seems to be under the luxury tax salary space all used to gasol's reward. Many will begin to understand the cost of the deal when it comes to the length of the contract, but it should be applauded if it is a joint decision between gasol and the spurs. In such an era of star cluster, especially under the new labor agreement clause specified players will greatly increase of the birth of a single player salaries, have more than one star means that some degree of sacrifice, also need mutual trust between the team leaders and players. The spurs have been enduring for so many years, not least because they are good at drafting and developing new talent, but they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the whole.