Some Problems Of Madden NFL Mobile Game

  • Madden NFL Mobile itself needs to be improved, and some problems have stagnated since last year. The interception of the computer is very common, because as prompted to slide-I often scored 4:5 in each game, which is a minute. People do not pay too much attention to the clock management, so it is easy to stand out from the computer. It's too easy to walk on a computer opponent (good run), which can hurt long-term appeal.


    But, compared with last year's major problem, these look like small things, fixed things. Since Madden NFL Social LOLGA was pulled for a year, this is the first time this is a delightful official football game that can be used for free. It's worth celebrating. The story, "with the mad NFL mobile, free sports football's annual return player", was originally released by TechHive.


    If there is a specific trend in Madden NFL Mobile, it is that everything is leaner and more accessible than last year. At the scene, this means that things like hearing and substitution are not available. You will choose a play, kick the ball, then run it or throw it; Defense is also proving to be as complex as choosing your game, trying to run off the QB or the ball carrier and timing the slide to try to intercept the interception. This is a very simple thing to do with a complex movement, but it is still very interesting and suitable for moving. Easy, easy to come out.