The Soviet Union Has Always Been Known

  • Brazil's World Cup qualifier in 2014, capello of Russia's strong start, Northern Ireland, 2-0 away win 4-0 Israel, then with Mr. Cole's goal at home 1-0 win over Portugal biggest rivals, then a 1-0 win over azerbaijan, four victories laid a foundation. Despite the loss of 0-1 to Portugal and 0-1 to Northern Ireland on the road, the team won the first place in a series of victories over Luxembourg and Israel.


    The Soviet union has always been known as the best goalkeeper LOLGA in the world, from side to sa, is to let each other forward the role of a headache, then to Russia at the gates of nigel mato Lin is also on the "steel door production line", he was only ten games in qualifying opponents scored five goals, is to move into the big hero of the 2002 World Cup team, later akinfeev is more known as is a representative of Russia's best goalkeeper.


    For many years in the Soviet union team has been physical quality excellent, practical skilled players, the team with concise quickly and become one of the world's top teams, Russia later inherited the advantages. Russia since Roman mining was used to the team with a team as a team, in 2002, as the head coach of the Russian league champions, Roman mining, selection of their own familiar with spartak Moscow player in the team, with some in the overseas player for many years, such as Russia is both skilled cooperate and have a lot of experience, will certainly become a dark horse in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. In 2004, the Russian team was the head of the train, and the Russian team in 2008 and 2012 was formed by the st Petersburg zenit team.