The Eastern Part Of The First Celtics

  • According to the "Chicago Tribune" revealed that the Chicago Bulls ready to sell the team's main defender, Rajon - Rondo, which is the last 10 days the Bulls sent the second main player. June 22 will be headed star Butler deal to the Timberwolves, and now have to deal with Long, from the two big moves, the Chicago Bulls reorganization plan has begun, more courageous, is drastic reform.


    17-18 season, the Bulls regular season has achieved 41 wins and 41 losses, for two consecutive season results tepid, the regular season ranked eighth in the East, barely squeezed into the playoffs, in the 2-0 lead The case of the twilight, even lost four innings were 4-2 eliminated. Was able to lead the eastern part of the first Celtics LOLGA, credit is mainly Londo's go-between.


    Last year, Rondo and the Bulls signed a two-year contract, 17-18 season, the salary is 13.4 million US dollars. Last season, Rondo and the Chicago Bulls cooperation seems unhappy, only played 69 games, including the first 42 games, the middle was the team snow, but the specific reasons the two sides have not announced. So this time the transaction is expected, not just "reorganization" and was sent away.


    Bulls only combined a season's "Big Three" combination, and now only one Wade, 16 years to join the Chicago Bulls, the two sides signed a two-year 57 million contract, the second year for the players option. Wade did not seem to be affected by the Butler deal, announced last week to stay in the Bulls, but he may not have thought, after he decided to stay, the team ready to send another giant. Do not know whether Wade has regretted the team